What is Version Manager?

  • Make it possible to detect changes made to the business logic or table structure in a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database.During an installation phase, many different parties are involved in implementing a new Dynamics NAV solution:
    • The NAV Partner, who will often have the main responsibility
    • Independent Software Vendors delivering solutions for:
      • EDI
      • Payment Management
      • Shop Floor Control
      • Capacity planning
      • Barcode scanners at the Warehouse
    • Super users making simple changes to pages and Role Centers
    • Hosting partners maintaining the solution

    A backup made every night will solve the problem of recreating the original source code if an implemented build proves to be faulty and needs to be rolled back, but this will only work if there are no structural changes made to the database structure (new or changed fields or new tables). And it does not give the answer to: who-did-what-when.

    Version Manager records all changes made to any object in an unlimited number of  Microsoft Dynamics NAV database.

  • It provides functionality for:
    • Object history
    • Object backup
    • Object restore
    • Object compare
    • Export license file
    • Export earlier versions of objects to a text file
    • Managing builds and making object roll-out and roll-back package
    • Comparing objects in up to 10 databases
    • Comparing Versions in up to 10 databases

Extensions and apps:

In Dynamics NAV 2016 Microsoft introduced Extensions.

Extensions are add-on apps that can be installed on the NAV server providing extra functionality (much like the apps on a smart phone or a tablet).

The extensions can be installed in different ways depending on the version:

  • NAV 2016 & NAV 2017 The extensions are installed using PowerShell
  • NAV 2018 & Dynamics 365 Business Central the apps can be installed either using PowerShell or using Visual Studio Code
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud, the apps can be uploaded directly from the web-client or added from the app-store.

In any case, functionality that can change the behavior of the standard application totally. What’s more, the extension/app can be uninstalled and unpublished without a trace.

In Version Manager 2.01 all changes made to extensions are logged, showing on the administrators dashboard and in the Audit report.

Download the latest Version Manager brochure here.

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Directions NA in Las Vegas 2019

Version Manager attended the Directions NA in Las Vegas 2019.

Thank you for all the positive feedback we got.

Now 260 databases are presently protected by Version Manager


Version 2.01 has been released now with:

  • Added log over all installed or uninstalled extensions in versions 2016 and forward
  • Added functions Locked for changes to Extensions
  • Added report to show all changes in extensions
  • New upgrade functionality
  • Fixed errors

Technical Info

Get an overview of the prerequisites for Version Manager and find out which licensing is necesseray to install it.

Download the Version Manager user manual or the installation guide.

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Download Freeware

Register to download the latest version of Version Manager. If your company is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner you can also register as authorized reseller of Version Manager here.

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Logon to the Version Manager support site to get the lates version of the documentation or to report incidents. You can log on to the support site using teh user id and password that you received with the confirmation mail when you purchased the product. If you are testing a freeware version, please log in with:

  • User id: freeware
  • password: Freeware123
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Version Manager is a certified add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. To acquire the product please contact your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner. The authorized resellers of version manager are listed here:

Directions EMEA

Version Manager attended the biggest NAV convention of the year: Directions EMEA in Prague. Thank you for a extremely well organized event. Our hand-outs were Yoyos and therefore our video reflected just that.

See you next year.

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